💖💖New Upgrade Electric Eyelash Curler

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💥The electric eyelash curler, with design of electric temperature control , will not to damage your eyelashes. 


💖Just say goodbye to the traditional way of curling your eyelashes and get curled eyelashes easily and quickly.


  • Electric temperature-controlled design: Type-c charging method with high-capacity battery for long-lasting life, and it runs automatically for 5 minutes each time it is turned on, and automatically shuts down after 5 minutes. It can be used up and down 5 times. Two levels of temperature control are suitable for different thickness and hardness of eyelashes, and preheating can be quickly warmed up to curling temperature.

  • No damage to lashes: Curved curl design to fit the eye shape, skin-friendly silicone material, safe and anti-burn, while no damage to lashes and eyelids.

  • Long-lasting curl: The electric curl gives a long-lasting hold, and when used with mascara it adds volume and length to your lashes for a more natural look.

  • Easy to use: In just three easy steps, you can easily get started and create curled lashes.


  • Preheat: Turn on the switch and preheat for ten seconds.

  • Curl: Choose the temperature level suitable for your eyelashes, hold the eyelashes, release after 3-5 seconds, repeat this operation several times.

  • Shape: Apply mascara to make your lashes thicker and curlier.


  • Charging voltage: 5V

  • Output voltage: 3.7V

  • Charging method: Type-c direct charging

  • Battery capacity: 230mAH

  • Size: 16*5*8.3cm

  • Colour: White, Pink


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