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File Away Cuticles And Dead Skin For A Healthier Nail Growth!

Manicurists use sharp pushers and nippers to keep your nails free from dead skin and cuticles and sometimes by mistake, you cut the fresh skin with it. Ouch!┬áAvoid the pain┬áand use a safer alternative┬á- the┬áNailItÔäó Pumice Stone Nail File.

The┬áNailItÔäó Pumice Stone Nail File┬áis designed to give you salon-like┬áperfect nail care, for sparkling nail tips.┬áMade┬áin the shape of a pen, getting a grip on it, and┬áusing it anywhere and anytime┬áwill be so easy and convenient for you!


  • Sparkling Nail Tips:┬áGives you sparkly nail tips┬áeach time you remove cuticles and dead skin around and on the edges of your nails.
  • Enrich Your Nails:┬áEasy to beautify your nail by dipping the nail file in essential oils, then just groom as usual.
  • Safe to Use:┬áUse a pumice stone┬áinstead of using dangerous nippers that may cut even your healthy skin.
  • Compact &┬áLightweight:┬áCarry everywhere┬áand use whenever you spot a dead skin on top of your nails.
  • Pen Design Body:┬áShaped like a pen┬áfor ease of holding and use in cleaning.


  • Materials: Pumice Stone
  • Size: 11.5cm X 0.6cm


  • 1x NailItÔäó Pumice Stone Nail File