Adjustable Pants Waist Extender

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The Adjustable Pants Waist Extender is a great tool for you to extend the waist fabric when you have changing the body shape. It is so easy to use while you don't have to waste money on buying new pants. It saves money and reduces waste.


The extender is made of quality silicone band with a silver or bronze buckle. You can pick your favourite one to fit your own style. It is great when you have put on more weight, get pregnant or temporary change your body shape. Let's get yours now!      


  • Easy To Use: It is easy to use. Just clip it as normal buckle and extend your waist. No sewing is required

  • Save Your Money: It helps you save money on buying new pants with just adding a simple tool.

  • Elastic Band: The band is made of quality silicone which is elastic. It can be expended to 2cm at maximum.


  • Multiple Styles: There are multiple styles for selections. You can choose from silver or bronze buckle to fit your own style.

  • Material: Stainless steel / Bronze
  • Color: Silver Plain / Silver Jeans /
    Bronze Plain / Bronze Stars
  • Size: 35mm X 17mm



  •  Adjustable Pants Waist Extender