Alternate Car Detailing Brush

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Clean hard to reach and narrow areas with this scratch-free detailing brush!


The brushes can handle some small gaps in the body and it can also clean the outside part of the engine. 


The bristles are acid and alkali resistant. The different sizes of the detail brushes are used according to different parts to achieve the ideal cleaning effect for your car.



  • Various Sizes

A good detailing brush kit that offers different sizes to use for your car and bike. The length is enough for easily exploring and reaching into the lug nuts, narrow or tight space. It definitely gets into the nits and grits of all the awkward areas!


  • No Metal Parts and Bristles with the Right Hardness

No chance of marring or scratching your delicate wheels. The brushes are the right hardness to get all the dirt in tight spaces. Makes it the safest detail brush for your vehicle.


  • Easy to Use and Store

Carefully designed, small and exquisite. The brushes are nice in length, making them comfortable to hold. The holes on the handle makes them easy to hang up after use.


  • Wipe Off Unnecessary Things

Great for wet and dry use. It's a multi-functional brush that aims to remove dust, bread crumbs and other small items out of your wheels, air vents, trim, seat crevices and emblems, making your car fully tidy and clean from the inside out. It can enter narrow areas and other tight spaces that are difficult to reach to clean dust. You can also use to clean leather, grills, oven, laptop keyboard and more.



  • Material: PP Plastic (handle) + Nylon (bristles)


  • 1PCS × Alternate Car Detailing Brush Kit