Creative Mouse Car Bracket (BUY 1 BRACKET GET 1 SIGNAL BOOSTER FREE)

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Car Mobile Holder is a Highly Functional and Versatile Solution to Smartphone Mounting Problem which is Very Convenient to Use. Mouse Design Car Mobile Holder for Dashboard and Wind Shield. It is suitable for iPhone, iPad, Android devices and etc.

This Car Mobile Holder Comes with Great Features Like Single-hand Phone Mounting, Super Sticky Gel Pad. It comes with a fixed base, so firmly attached to Dashboard. High Quality Material, Strong Clip Type Holder and Small in Size.

This Car Mobile Holder Provides Necessary Protection to Phone as Well as Make Driving Easier through Easy Installation and Convenient View Angles.It can rotate 360 degree and Mobile can be tilted upto 75 degree.



  • CAR MOUNT HOLDER: Fits most compatible smartphones like Apple iPhone 5/6 Plus, Samsung, Android, Mp3, and GPS. Easy one-touch mounting system. Fits on dashboard, desk or windshield rotating 360 degrees.
  • FLAT SUCTION CUP STICKS: It has two pressure lock catch, can cover a larger area while letting in less air. The flat suction cup grips on tighter to many surfaces including automobile dashboards and front windshield, even on the work desk.
  • MULTIPLE ADJUSTABLE WAY: Features three different rotating ways to suit different user needs, including adjustable arm length, arm rotation, and a 360-degree  joint ball - all design features are only for getting the perfect angle.

  • UNIVERSAL MOBILE CAR ACCESSORIES: Universal car cradle easy to use with one finger motion, the device can be mounted and removed with ease. Mobile Auto Stands. Car Holder Windshield Dashboard.
  • APPEARANCE PROTECTION: The inner side provides a strengthening sponge that prevents falls and scratches. (can be used for 2-3.5IN width of the phone)

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    3) Works on any Analog, Digital, and Tri-band phones.
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    3) After that, just turn it on. Enjoy your Extremely fast network experience!!Stickers Place for iPhone and Android phone.


    • ABS, Silicone
    • 100G
    • Black
    • 1*Phone Holder+1*Signal Booster