CleavageSafe Snap-On Mock Camisole

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Wearing this CleavageSafe Snap-On in seconds, avoid embarrassment, no matter you are petite or tall, you will love it.

Simply clip it to the bra strap to create a look of a lace vest without being bulky, slide it up and down to control the required coverage, and use it to adjust the neckline of low-cut tops and dresses.


  • Each piece comes in an elegant lace trim design.
  • With a snap-fastener, it can be adjusted to a comfortable position.
  • It provides a quick, easy and comfortable way for chest coverage whenever you need it.

  • Wear your favorite low cut dresses and blouses to your office without feeling inappropriate.
  • Greater flexibility and comfort, style it from the sexy low cut to a layered office look in seconds.

    ✨Usage method:

    • Put on any of your bras as you normally would.
    • With the laced trimmed side of Snap-On Mock Camisole facing away from you, wrap around Snap-On Mock Camisole around your bra strap.
    • Then snap closed according to bra strap width.
    • Repeat on opposite bra strap.
    • Slide Snap-On Mock Camisole up or down your bra straps to adjust amount of coverage and to achieve desired look.


      • Materials: High Quality Spandex
      • Color: Black/White/Beige
      • Product Weight: 15g & 1set*50g

      ✨Package includes:

      • 1 x CleavageSafe Snap-On Mock Camisole