ComfyGrip Grocery Holder

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Make each grocery trips easier and more comfy with this soft silicone grocery bag handle! 
Overloading groceries? ComfyGrip is here to help "handle" all your bags in one go comfortably, from plastic bags, paper bags, to canvas bags! 
Just slip your regular bag handles in the middle of ComfyGrip and let it hold your bags steadily no matter how many bags you're "handling"! 
Got a handful of bags to hold? ComfyGrip comes with a key holder to keep your keys within close reach to open your house or car doors with no muzz, no fuzz! 
ComfyGrip is created with soft, flexible silicone materials, paired with an ergonomic groove shape design to keep your hands safe and comfy on your way from grocery store to your car! 
No more fatigues! With a pressure-relief cushioned grip, this effectively disperse the weight from your fingers to the rest of your ar! 
  • Materials: Silicone
  • Dimensions: 9* 2.5cm
  • Color Options: Pink, Blue, Green


  • 3* ComfyGrip Grocery Holder