Respirator with 4 Carbon N99 Filters for Pollution Mask

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Product Description:

  • mask is made by diving material for it's durable and strong advantage.So it might smell a little bit,it's very normal,it will fade by itself,you also could put mask in 30° water for 15mins to remove it quickly
  • Our mask maybe a little small for European people who has big head,please measure your head perimeter before you buy it
  • Every mask is equip with 2 filter,if you want more,you could buy more filters together ,if you buy more mask , you can contact us , will send you more filter as a gift
  • The mask filter is recommended to be replaced once every 30 days. You can adjust the time yourself by using frequent and heavy haze.
  • The mask with the breathing valve greatly reduces the sultry feeling, the double breathing valve does not leave the hot air, the glasses do not fog, and the particles are more than 99% blocked.


  • Weight: 40/piece
  • Function: Anti-dust,PM2.5,cold,pollution,windproof  Breathable, Comfortable, Skin friendly
  • Size: Adult: 29*15cm,30*15.5cm

What's in the Package:

  • 1 x mask
  • 2 x free filters (Gift)

 usage time



The average anti-particle mask works for a maximum of 15 hours. It is more helpful to replace the filter inside.


Is the mask sultry?


Wearing a mask will be stuffy, this is a mask with a breathing valve, the sultry feeling has been greatly reduced


Is the protection performance good?


After international testing, the detection filtration efficiency is over 99%.