Honeycomb Fabric Forefoot Pads

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Honeycomb Fabric Forefoot Pads eliminate the foot pain after a night of high heels instantly with ultimate comfort!A 3D honeycomb forefoot cushioning redistributes the pressure and relieve tension caused by Mortons Neuroma, callus, Metatarsal foot pain, or bunions.Slip on this invisible, non-slip pads with your heels and most kinds of shoes! Get through your night comfortably, without people noticing.


  • 3D Honeycomb Forefoot Cushion
    Effectively adopts to the shape of your feet, providing support, mitigating pain and reducing the pressure.

  • Instant Pain Relief
    Provides cushioning, support and reliability across the entire ball of your foot. Alleviate pain caused by Mortons Neuroma, callus, Metatarsal foot pain, or bunions.
  • Invisible, Universal Fit

  • Unisex, One Size Fit Most
  • Breathable & Stretchable


  • Material: Fabric Cotton