Inner Heightening Insole (2pcs)

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Increase Your Height Through These Genius Insoles
No One Will Ever Know!

Have you ever dreamt of being taller but you’re not willing to go under the knife for it? Now, you don’t have to! With our Inner Heightening Insoles, you can add up to 3 cm to your height. Not only will they make you taller, but they also act as a shock absorbent to make everyday activities like walking, running and standing up so much more comfortable. Just place the insole inside the heel of your shoe and you’re good to go!


  • Transparent Design: Not only do the Inner Heightening Insoles easily hide inside your shoe, but they are also transparent which makes them even harder to notice. They are practically invisible!
  • Soft Silicone Material: The insoles are made of 100% soft silicone so that they are as comfortable as possible to wear. The material is durable and washable, meaning you can use them over and over again.
  • Adjustable: They come in three different height levels, 1cm, 2cm and 3cm, so you can stack and adjust them to whatever suits you most.
  • Relieve tired feet: Our insoles act as shock absorbers on your heels which softens the impact of being on your feet for long periods of time. If your job requires you to stand all day long, this is definitely the thing for you!


  • Insole Height: 2cm
  • Material: Material: Gel
  • Color: Colorless and transparent


  • 1 pair x Inner Heightening Insole