Invisible Safety Quilt Sheet Fasten Tool Set

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Magic Bed Sheet Holder!
No Trace, No Harm to the Quilt.


Never worry about the quilt or duvet running away! It's multi-purpose too!



  • NO MORE BUNCHING SHEETS. It prevent your quilts or covers from shifting. Anti-slip and is firmly fixed without leaving any marks or damage.


  • SAFE, ECO-FRIENDLY & INVISIBLE DESIGN. The belt and button is made of environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials. Needle-free, it is safer and more convenient. With its soft material, you can't feel it when you sleep.
  • SIMPLE OPERATION. Easy to install, it only takes a few seconds. Just pass the pin through the duvet and insert it into the cap. Simply pull out the silicone wire and cut it with scissors to complete the disassembly.

      How to use:

      1. Pull out the soft plastic needle. Insert the small end into the gun needle.
      2. Insert the grooved side of the button into the needle downwards and insert the quilt that needs to be fixed.
      3. Insert the button into the other end with the groove side up. Fix the needle of the pressing gun. Put the soft rubber needle into the buckle slot.
      4. Take out the gun needle. Installation is complete.


      • MULTIFUNCTIONAL. Fits 99% of the quilts in the market. Multiple usages, not only for securing any kind of beddings but it can also be used for linens, furniture slipcovers, curtains, hide-a-beds, baby cribs, hang decorations and many more.



      • Material: Soft Plastic
      • Diameter: 1.2 cm
      • Set Option:
        • 400*Belt(15mm) + 48*Buttons + Needle Tool


      • 1 × Invisible Safety Quilt Sheet Fasten Tool Set