Magic Dog Toothbrush

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Brush your dog teeth while keeping them entertained.

Cleaning your dog's teeth is never easy. Give this Unicod™ Dog Toothbrush to your dog, it will clean chew and clean the teeth without noticing about it. The soft cleaning spikes will remove calculus gently.

Combining dental care & playtime - The Unicod Dog Toothbrush is the world’s first toothbrush that allows your dog to brush their own teeth and have fun at it!

The Unicod™ Dog Toothbrush provides full-mouth dental cleaning and is designed to break down even the toughest tartar build-ups and eradicate bad breaths in dogs!

HOW IT WORKSAdd your dog’s favorite toothpaste into the reservoir from the top.

Unicod™ Dog Toothbrush can also keep your dog occupied and entertained then they won't destroy things to get your attention. So you don't need to worry about your dog would be crazy and destroy things at home while you're out.



  • Teeth Cleaning:
    The 360° heightening molar jags and teeth cleaning spikes can effectively remove the dog’s calculus. The soft material protects their gums as well.
  • Reduce Destructive Behaviour: 
    It can attract your pet's attention and reduces their boredom, hence, it helps to improve their destructive behaviours.
  • Training Ball
    Perfect for fetch games and interacting with your dog. Useful for enhancing your relationship with your pet!
  • Treat Toy
    Fill the food chamber with your dog's favorite treats and it'll spill out to reward them for being active while playing.
  • Durable:
    It is made of TPR which is soft but durable. 

HOW IT WORKS: Add your dog’s favorite toothpaste into the reservoir from the top.

Tip: You can add something delicious like peanut butter or beef flavored toothpaste to encourage your dog to try it! Your dog will then smell the delicious aroma and starts chewing to get to it.

As your dog chews the Unicod™ Dog Toothbrush, the bristles on the sides will brush away plaque and food bits stuck between their teeth.



  • Material: TPR
  • Colour: Green
  • Size: 5.8cm x 11.6cm