Magnetic Twist Ties ❤️ (3 PCS)

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The Magnetic Twist Tie is a multipurpose strong magnetic silicone tie wrap, cable, cord and wire organizer thingy for anyone that needs a quality solution for cord and cable management, hanging stuff on your fridge, or even if you just like playing with magnets!

It has a multitude of unique and imaginative uses. We live in a world of wires, chargers, and earphones. It is a unique solution that is functional and fun.

Magnetic Twist Tie is a unique and attractive solution to an unsightly problem!

This magnetic cable ties not only can be used to organize cables and cords, but also can serve as bookmark folders, use them to hang objects off your fridge, seal cereals and more!

Made from premium quality silicone, they are very elastic and flexible without breaking at all!

The various cute colors add some contrast to your cable management! Having a set around the house will no doubt come in handy!


EASY CABLE MANAGEMENTThis allows you to wrap them around small or large cord bundles. The bands wrap around your cords, bundling them neatly for maximum cable management.

SIMPLE TO USE. Simply Wrap, click, and store. No tiny holes or cumbersome materials to get in the way!

Versatile Usage. These cable ties wrap up your cords, clicks on to your refrigerator, holds your car keys to your door… and a million other uses!

HIGHLY ELASTIC BANDS. Made from premium quality silicone that can be stretched and hold any of your items strongly and securely!

LONG LASTING REUSABILITYThese magnets are encapsulated in long lasting silicone material to prevent chips, cracks, and scratches.

CUTE WIRE ORGANIZERAvailable in various pastel colors allowing you to transform your messy office table into an organized colorful space.


Materials: Silicone, Magnet

Colors: Red, Purple, Rose Red, Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow, White, Grey


3 pcs * Magnetic Twist Ties