Mighty Patch Nose (10Pcs/Box)

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  1. The nasal patch made of hydrogel and polymer adhesive is soft and skin-friendly, which is not prone to allergies when used and will not cause a burden to your skin.

  2. Significant effect: dissolve the dirt deep in the pores within 6-8 hours, absorb blackheads, improve large pores, and make your nose more white.

  3. Effectively shrink pores, clean blackheads, balance water and oil, give skin sufficient nutrition, and make your skin smoother and more delicate.

  4. This nasal patch takes 6-8 hours to see results and is perfect for nighttime use without disturbing your sleep.


Rest easy: it works overnight. true
Absorb oil and pore gunk while you sleep. Wake up in the AM and peel it all away. Mighty Patch Nose gently absorbs gunk in 6-8 hours so your nose looks clearer overnight — without irritating skin.
Peels off painlessly.
Super-flexible, and comes off gently with no sticky residue. (Regular pore strips could never.)
Perfectly on the nose.
All the gunk-absorbing power of Mighty Patch, now in a flexibly thin XL size that’s specially designed for your nose. (Even the creases.)


Material: Hydrogel + Polymer Adhesive

Size: 11*1.5*4.1cm

Weight: 5g

Packing size: 8.7*3.8cm

Specification: 10pcs

Efficacy: remove blackheads / shrink pores


Packing List:

1* Nose sticker(10pcs/box)