One-Touch Phone Kickstand Bar (Buy 1 Get 3)

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Introducing the One-Touch Phone Kickstand Bar, the universal, nano-size phone stand that can transform into a handy kickstand with a simple snap.

Made of quality silicone coat and steel core, the phone bar will automatically turn into a stand with just one touch

Engineered into an ultra-slim model that stays flat when it is at its bar form. Lined with adhesive wings that attached firmly onto any e-device and smartphone


  • One-Touch Kickstand:
    Designed with innovative one-touch mechanism, our silicone phone bar can transform into a convenient kickstand with a simple snap. 

  • Ultra-Slim Design:
    It has an ultra-slim, lightweight, practical size that stays flat when it is at its bar form. 

  • Different Viewing Angles:
    Great when using it as a mini tripod – lots of angles to take photos or enjoy watching and sharing hands-free!
  • High Quality Material:
    Engineered with silicone coat and steel core as internal support. Durable and never rust. 

  • Universal Stand:
    No additional bits required – it works with any smartphone, with or without phone covers, e-readers and tablets as well.


  • Material: Silicone coat, steel core
  • Color: Black/White/Sapphire
  • Size: 85 x 44mm
  • Set Option:1 Black&1White &1Sapphire (Three in total)