Pearlescent Silk Stockings

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Like draping the Milky Way on your legs, the starlight flows freely on your legs.

 Pearlescent Design

The slightly shimmering pearlescent design makes your legs lustrous, bringing elegancesexy and charming to the extreme.

 Trendy Collocation

Not only wear it alone to have a unique personality but It looks great under ripped jeans, paired with skirts, dresses, or even shorts, giving you sexy for every season.

 Unique Design

  • Pearlescent silk technology: a different kind of brilliance, does not fade.
  • Super elasticity: super stretch, not tight, suitable for women ≤ 90kg.
  • Wider waist: better anti-slip.
  • One-sided add-on: more comfortable and close-fitting.
  • Thickening protection inside the leg root: more wear-resistant and durable.


 Exquisite Gift

For any occasion, these luxurious pearl stockings can make you the most shining presence in the crowd, and are an exquisite gift for the women around you.


Material: 85% cotton spandex + 15% pearlescent silk

Color: black, gray, apricot, white

Package includes:   pearlescent silk socks x 2