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Pet Hair Removal Massaging Shell Comb You probably already know that some of the most common things that cause pet hair to fall out are hair products that are not biodegradable (which includes shampoos and conditioners), excessive shampooing and brushing, the wrong type of shampoo, too much exercise, heat, and sunlight, and the wrong type of bathing suits. This is one of the best things you can do for yourself if you have long hair as it will allow you to get your pet hair out more easily. Just take the time to brush your hair thoroughly each morning and night after a bath, so that it doesn't get out in the first place. This alone should help you remove your pet hair. When you have a full head of hair you may have to shampoo your hair more often, but it will be worth it to have the hair on your arms and legs removed as well.


1.Clean up inside and outside cat hair: ordinary soft teeth can clean surface hair cannot clean inside deep float hair steel tooth comb also destroys normal hair cat ear comb helps solve this worry.

2.Elastic hook tooth comb into fluff: tooth head protects cat skin tooth head length is 30 minutes, easily hook float hair does not harm pet skin.

3.Handle grip comfortable half arc handle hold comfortable give pet combing easy effortless.

4.Special craft elastic tooth comb, skin is not easy to break, suitable for short hair long hair cat.


FEATURES: 2-IN-ONE GENTLE MASSAGE DESIGN – The 2-in-1 design massages your pets while de-shedding loose fur at the same time!

PROMOTES A HEALTHY AND SHINY FUR COAT – Perfect for all fur types! Regular brushing and massaging can help improve blood circulation and relaxes your pets’ minds while getting rid of the loose fur to give them a shiny coat!

SAFE AND DURABLE MATERIAL – Made of durable high-quality material for a lifetime of use.

SAFE FOR ALL KINDS OF PETS – Can be used on small and large cats, dogs, and other fun-loving pets!


  • Pet Hair Removal Massaging Shell Comb