Portable Paper Soap

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Hygiene solution that is so convenient to carry around and use!

 Effective Cleaning: Lightweight and compact for clean hands and more; without the weight and mess of liquid or bar soap! Portable Paper Soap contains active decontamination factors (antibacterial enzymes) for deep cleansing. Gently cares for sensitive and allergic skin and takes away bacteria.

✔ Safety Tests: Portable Paper Soap meets the US FDA and European safety standards! Take care of your family and kid's delicate hands, choose a safe and environmentally friendly soap - Portable Paper Soap!

✔ Easy to Carry:  The soap leaves come with their own container that fits right in your bag or pocket. Keep them in your purse or even in your car so you have soap to wash your hands with anytime you need! Perfect for travel, business trip, camping, hiking, BBQ or any outdoor activities, just keep it in your bag for daily use.

✔ Sweet Design: Exquisite eco-friendly packaging design; makes it a perfect gift for children and women! Portable Paper Soap will make you and your kids fall in love with washing hands, away from bacteria.

✔ Easy to Use: Take out a piece of paper soap. Dissolve with water and gently rub out foam, finally rinse thoroughly with water. The moisturizing formula makes the skin smooth and clean.


Product Name: Paper soap leaves soap leaves.
Color: Purple, green, blue, orange, pink.
Material: Plastic + soap
Quantity: 20 pieces per box, total 200 pieces
Weight: 170 g
Box contents: 10 boxes of soap sheets.
Suitable for travel, outdoor, travel or for outdoor activities.
Portable design, easy to carry wherever or wherever you go.