Sharp Fruit Scoop Stacks (BUY 1 FREE 1)

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The best assistance to create DIY artistic and beautiful fruit plates.

Decorate your cake, dessert, or ice cream with various lovely fruit balls, make it not only with the tempting look but also with kinds of unique flavours.

This Sharp Fruit Scoop Stack is designed especially for pulp digging to make as many fruit balls as you like.




✔️ The carving spoon has two sides, one is a spoon, and the other is a sharp knife.

✔️ The large spoon can dig out round fruit balls and add them to a bowl to make a  fruit salad.

✔️ The zigzag shape can quickly pierce the edge of any melon to make different styles of fruit trays.

✔️ This fruit ball spoon is easy to carry and use, allowing you to creatively carve in the

✔️ DIY process, complex fruit designs, and create exquisite plates.

✔️ The fruit ball spoon is made of durable and easy-to-clean stainless steel and can be washed directly with water.

✔️ Multifunctional, you can not only use this spoon to dig balls, carve flowers, but also remove fruit seeds.


        Material: Stainless Steel
        Size: 8.5x2.9x1.4cm


        Package includes:

        1 x Sharp Fruit Scoop Stacks