Washable Reusable Gel Lint Roller

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Works Great on Most Surfaces, Whether at Home or for Travel

Reusable & Environmental Friendly:

If it is not dirty with the adhesive sheet, washed with water, it can be used repeatedly! The lint remover is very easy to rinse off, just warm water rinse with soap or detergent and then wait until the lint roller is completely dry before using it again, or just dry it by tissue. Please clean immediately after every use. Optimal adhesive has no damage to the fabric. 

Strong Viscosity: 

Tape is a super-strong adhesive that can be wiped off even with small dust. The strong bonding roller is easy to walk around 360 degrees, and has strong adhesion, without change refills. No environmental waste at all. The new release lint roller was made of durable material and the handle has been improved.

Portable & Convenient for Travel: 

Cleaning is a small size that can be used at home and can be used for outings and can be taken into your bag. The handle is wrapped in a soft sponge that won’t hurt your hand. You can finish removing hair anywhere.

Widely Application: 

This pet hair roller not only has the power to remove cat hair, dog hair, but also crumbs, pants, coats, sweaters, dresses, suits and more. You can use your floor, bedding, carpet, sofa, car seat, clothes, etc. to clean your pet’s hair, dust, snacks, yarn scraps, hair, etc.


Q: Does it leave a residual on the surface that was cleaned?

Answer:No it doesn't.

Q: Is it really okay to wash in sink? Does it not cause the sink to clog? Any advice for those with bad plumbing?

Answer:Don't worry, it doesn't really just rinse off. you can wet the roller & add a bit of liquid soap, then rub it with a cotton ball. The hair just clumps together I throw it away in the trash. Not really any plumbing issues.

Q: Are these good for pet hair?

Answer: Yes,it's great for picking up pet hairs.

Care Instructions:
Proper care will keep your Sticky Master sticky for a longer amount of time. The tips below will outline proper use and maintenance.

1. To prepare for use, make sure the roller is clean and dry.
2. Cleaning is as easy as rolling it back and forth.
3. For best results, overlap slightly, and work from one side to the other.
4. As you roll, debris will lift up and begin to coat the roller. Once fully coated, it will no longer be sticky.
5. Rinse under warm water to release dirt and allow to dry for later use.
6. Occasional washing with dish soap or rubbing alcohol will remove fine particles and residues to maintain stickiness.
7. Always dry after washing or rinsing, and store in a location that allows it to stay clean when not in use.

Specifications:Color: Pink, blue, yellow ,green

  • Material: Plastic + TPR
  • Size:17*10*5.7cm

Package Contents:

  • Lint roller × 1


Please allow 0.5-1cm error due to manual measurement. 
Please bear in mind that the photo may vary slightly from the actual item in terms of color due to the lighting during photo shooting or the monitor's display.