Women's Bra Extender

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Convert any back-closure bra for low back tops and dresses with this Low Back Adjustable Bra Extenders!

Women's Comfort Soft Bra Extenders - Make Your Life More Easier!

This little magic bra extender is a lifesaver for making your bra band fit better when your are in-between sizes or during the pregnant period.

It can extend band length to about 2 inches and offer you more breathing rooms. With this magic bra extender, no more expensive bras waste because of the weight gain.


    • Soft Bra Extender:
      The bra extender is used to add more extra room to bras that are too tight and comfort while wearing your bra.

    • For Travel & Pregnancy
      Perfect for airplane travel as it can give you a relax especially can be used for pregnancy or maternity.

    • Easy To Use:
      Quick and easy when your brassiere is too tight! It extends your bra band strap over 2 inches so that it looks seamless under clothes.

    • Premium Material:
      Made of soft velvet, leave no tracks, no pinch, no scratchy on your delicate skin.
    • 3 Different Colors:
      Comes with white, black and beige color which multi three different colors’ selection to match all your favorite standard everyday bras.


    1. Attach the hooks on the underside of the extender to your bra hook loops.
    2. Use the hooks on your bra to attach to the hook loops on the front side of the extender.


    • Material: Velvet, cotton 
    • Color: White, Black, Beige
    • Size: