Zero-Waste Silicone Swab

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Say goodbye to one-time use!👂🏻👂🏻

2 Billion cotton swabs are thrown away each day in the United States alone. It's estimated that there are more swabs and straws in our oceans than there are fish. With this Zero-Waste Silicone Swab you can help protect the earth!


The Zero-Waste Silicone Swab is a save-to-use kind of material and made entirely of super-soft silicone which is derived from all-natural silica sand. The reusable cotton swabs can not only effectively clean ears, but also ideal for cleaning hard to reach places and clean extra cosmetics as makeup tool, all materials were 100% safe and non-toxic.


Reusable Silicone Swab: Only two pieces silicone swab can save you tons of money and garbage.


Environment Friendly: This silicone swab is reusable and very easy to clean and store, help reduce the pollution.


Automatically Rebound: Easy to open and close case for hygienic and dust-proof usage.

Easy to Clean: Just wash it with soap and water and it’s ready to be used again.

Ergonomic Design: The tips are shaped perforated depending on where you are going to use it. The rods are nylon, flexible enough and easy to maneuver.

Portable and Compact: Great to take with you on any travel or outdoor activities. Doesn’t take much space on your bag or pouch.

Multi-Use: Can be used to remove dirt from your auricle without hurting it. Also ideal for makeup and touch ups. 


  • Material: Soft silicone, high quality plastic stick
  • Colors: Black, Green, Purple, Pink